Registration for the Flea Market at the Summer Neighbourhood Party

You would like to register your own vendor stall for our neighbourhood party? Sell used clothing, decorations, books, DVDs, and much more.

Want to sell a few items but not run your own booth? No problem! At the 'Bring & Buy' stall, you can drop off your items and set the desired price.


We invite you: live music by Ihor Tymoshenko, hot drinks, delicious Christmas cookies and a good atmosphere are waiting for you on 14 December 2022. Children can look forward to fun activities. We'd love to welcome you here!


Location: sports hall of the Süder Grundschule (primary school), In der Feige 192, 45699 Herten

Date: 14 December (Wednesday)

Time: 16:00 – 18:00 P.M.


“Ein Quadratkilometer Bildung Herten” not only gets its own info clip, but also its own song. Teil dieser Stadt (eng.: Part of this City)  is a song by Philipp Artmann that was written and produced exclusively for km2 Bildung Herten. (Video created by Jonas Prinz). English subtitles will be added soon. English subtitles available!

Video about “Ein Quadratkilometer Bildung herten”

“Ein Quadratkilometer Bildung Herten” – What is it about, who is involved and how does the project operate in the location in particular? You can get a little insight from our new info video (video created by Jonas Prinz). English subtitles available!