District Office Herten-Süd

The District Office Herten-Süd opened its doors in late 2005. It was originally set up as a fundamental building block in the urban redevelopment project „Süd erblüht“ to strengthen the cohabitation between different cultures, neighbourhood relations as well as the civic commitment and organising low-threshold support and leisure time activities for the people in the area. The location in the Elisabethstraße is provided by the Vivawest Wohnen GmbH housing association.


As a result of an unexpected, extraordinarily high demand for help with school problems, the work of the District Office became a part of „Ein Quadratkilomenter Bildung“ (km2 Bildung) in 2009, which has successively been transferred to all of the city’s elementary schools up until 2014.

Educational offers

There is a variety of free whole-day offers at the District Office Herten-Süd; homework assistance for school children is offered from Monday to Thursday. In the case of more severe problems at school, students can receive individual learning support in the form of one-on-one tutoring. In addition, there are various offers, such as computer courses, which contribute to promoting the skills of children and young people.

There are also special playgroups for children aged 3 to 6 without a place in a daycare centre.

Leisure offers

Aside from educational offers, there are also numerous offers for leisure activities for children and young people; excursions (e.g. Hof Wessels, pony riding, city library) and various courses (e.g. video effects, movie projects) are offered on a regular basis. Occasionally, there is also a programme on weekends, such as visits to the zoo and the cinema.

Offers for adults

Of course, the adults should not be neglected either – for this reason, they also get included in our programme; for example, adults can get advice on filling out forms and mothers can exchange information and experiences at regularly held meetings.