As part of the project "Ankommen erleichtern - Zusatzangebote im Quartier Herten-Süd", the additional services listed below take place in the District Office (Quartierbüro). A Ukrainian-speaking translator will be present at each appointment. These offersare primarily aimed at Ukrainians, but can also be used by other residents in the neighborhood.


Fun and playtime for children, exchange and information for adults - the parent-child-group offers enough time and space for both.

Individual learning support

Whether it's homework help, school problems or questions about digital media, everyone gets the support they need.

Fun with Books

Immersing yourself in unique worlds, forgetting everything else around you - reading can be such a wonderful thing. We focus on multilingual reading.

German Course

This german course is targeted at primary school children and adults.



Leisure Group

Crafting, playing, painting - in our leisure group there is time for all the things that are the most fun.